Meet Bénie


Bénédicte "Bénie" Ngumbu was born in the city of Nairobi, Kenya, to Congolese parents. She was raised in what was at the time the small town of Arusha, Tanzania, where she lived and went to school until just before she turned 18. From a young age, her upbringing exposed her to different cultures, languages, and arts, all of which have contributed greatly to create a deep sense of awareness of the diversity of the world around her. She says of herself, "I am Kenyan by birth, Tanzanian, by upbringing, and Congolese by nationality."

10 days before her 18th birthday, she moved to the city of Houston, in Texas. It is here that all her childhood dreams of one day being able to design clothing, and seeing all the sketches of her childhood come to life, became a reality. The dream unfolded slowly, and the essence of her identity and the inspiration for her designs was radically changed as she gave her life to Jesus Christ. 

Now, the message of B.Divine transcends clothing, it is an inner garment that she desires to inspire everyone to put on. As much as we pay attention to the clothing we wear, we ought to pay even more attention to our inner self, because that's the true essence of who we are. 

"Fashion is a gift God gave me to share with the world, and I pray that I can use it to spread the love and message of Jesus Christ to everyone who ever connects with B.Divine Creations in any way, small or big."